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Hong Kong Korindo Aikido

關於我們 Who are we

本會以推廣光輪洞合氣道為宗旨. 歡迎所有對合氣道有興趣的人士參加.

光輪洞合氣道是日本武術之一種, 於上世紀由平井稔先生創立, 揉合了傳統流派中的體術, 劍術, 杖術, 薙刀術, 棒術等等, 成為更加適合現代人練習的武術。 光輪洞合氣道於日本以外只有以色列, 德, 意等五個道場, 本會有幸是其中之一。

Hong Kong Korindo Aikido is a nonprofit community dedicated to the promotion of Korindo Aikido in Hong Kong. Korindo Aikido is a Japanese martial art which inherits traditions from several martial art schools, including taijutsu, kenjutsu, jojutsu, and other weapons. It was founded by Master Hirai Minoru some 80 years ago.

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訓練 Training


光輪洞合氣道的訓練分為初心者和有段者兩部分。 初心者經過三年左右的訓練, 學習體捌(身體動作), 組型(招式)和亂取(搏撃)。 他們經過考試, 能夠掌握各種技術, 可由本會推薦, 獲得日本本部頒發的(黑帶)初段證書。 成為有段者之後, 更能循序漸進, 精研各種技術的意義, 取得更高的段位。

Training in Korindo Aikido covers three areas: taisabaki, kumikata, and randori. Taisabaki is the training of body movement and coodination; kumikata shows us various attack and defence methods which were developed to illustrate principles of martial art; and randori is a free-style exercise for students to apply what they have learnt. Only those who have received continuous training (for at least 3 years) and passed all the exams will be recommended by our Sihan to Japanese Hombu (headquarters) for a dan qualification.

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時間表 Schedule

Saturday Session
Wednesday Session
7-9 pm 7-9 pm
彩虹道室內運動場 大活動室3號
(Activity Rm 3, Choi Hung Rd Sports Centre)
保安道室內運動場 壁球室 2號
(Squash Court 2, Po On Road Sports Centre)
彩虹道室內運動場 大活動室3號
(Activity Rm 3, Choi Hung Rd Sports Centre)
保安道室內運動場 壁球室 2號
(Squash Court 2, Po On Road Sports Centre)
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須知 notice


  • 本道場歡迎任何超過 14 歲的人士參加,並無其他年齡限制。
  • 合氣道服與柔道或空手道服相同,學員應自備合氣道服。
  • 所有參加者必須從白帶開始。
  • 光輪洞合氣道每三個月舉行升級考試;學員考試合格,方可配戴合適的色帶。 (光輪洞合氣道考試嚴格; 學員於體術及武器運用達到標準,方能於考試合格。)
  • 雖然本會道場練習多種兵器,初學者未必需要購置刀棒等器械。道場有足夠器材供學員練習之用。
  • 本會課程不為短期修練者而設。
  • 本會道場沒有特定招收會員的日期;參加者請親到道場報名,報名時只需填一份簡單表格。(18歲以下參加者須得監護人同意。)
  • 請與道場負責人聯絡 電郵 查詢

As Korindo Aikido is very different from any other school of aikido, we expect all new comers to start as beginners -- and to wear white belts. E-mail Enquiry

special Class (LHBF)

A special class is scheduled on every Saturday for people who wish to learn more about Chinese internal martial art. This is a class of Liu He Ba Fa (六合八法), a martial art school founded by Chen Tuan (陳摶) in the Sung Dynasty a thousand years ago. Chen Tuan is a major character in taoism history. His school has had very strong influence on Tai Chi and other taoist philosophies over the centuries. However, the martial art of LHBF has passed on exclusively among taoists who kept the art as a secret until the recent years.

Our class welcomes anyone who is interested to learn internal martial art. As powerful as any other schools, LHBF forsakes muscular strength but focuses on total control of body and minute movement of body parts. From the outside, some resemblances between LHBF and Tai Chi (and other internal schools) give people a misunderstanding of what it really is. LHBF is a totally different experience; it is far perhaps more difficult or complex, something that is so unique that the legacy is passed on only among a few people, if it is not slowly dying out.

E-mail Enquiry (LHFB)

Our Facebook group.